Searching for a Driving School

If You’re Small And Like Motorbikes, You Know What I’m Talking About. Finding A School Is Challenging, The Thought Alone Can Be Daunting. 

I started extremely hopeful and optimistic, however soon my enthusiasm met reality and I realised just how complicated it was to be tiny. I had tried to find lots of schools with smaller bikes, and I was not successful, soon the idea of ever learning was disappearing. 

Luckily my partner in crime had an idea. He suggested we buy a bike my size (future post going soon) and insure it for the driving school, so I can learn on my own ‘petite friendly’ bike.

I know what you’re thinking, ’You bought a bike? but what if you didn’t ever pass, or enjoy biking’. Sure, I hear you. This was no ideal situation. You need some capital to invest in a bike, but isn’t this why you’re learning how to bike in the first place? Surely you buy a bike anyways after getting your licence so the steps are just in another order. And worst case scenario if you don’t like it, you can always sell the bike.  Secondly who is going to drive this bike to the driving school? I hear you again, I hope you have some bikers in your family and friends circle because you’ll need them to help you out. Maybe the driving school may even give you a tiny space for your bike until you get your licence. I was lucky to have bikers in my close circle who brought my bike to the driving school until I got my license. If you do not find a driving school with a small bike option, there is always the way I went. Nothing is impossible, if you want to do something there is always a way even if it seems impossible.

How I found a driving school for my size:

1. Buy a bike that works with your body type. (make sure it matches the requirements you need for a full License)

2. Insure it and tell the insurance company you’re learning  (simple – call your or any insurance company and explain the situation)

3. Find a school who is happy with this ( call any school, and tell them you want to learn on your insured bike)

4. Find a person that will bring your bike to the school

I would love to know how you guys found driving schools? If you have any suggestions leave them in the comment section. I will summarise some top cities in the world, and the best driving schools for small bikes in a later post.

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  1. Dia

    Harley Davidson Riding Academy done at most Harley dealers. Advanced riding courses you can find on the motor safety foundation (msf) website such as how to group ride etc.

    1. Petitebikers

      Hi Dia, Thanks for sharing!

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