Meet Patty

Meet Patty. A project manager, and part-time DJ, media editor. She entered the world of motorcycles completely independently and she wants to empower more people from all parts of the world to feel included and represented within the biking community. Her dream is to one day embark on a world motorcycle trip starting in…

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Meet Irene, the Founder of Petrolettes
Photo Credit - David Biene

Meet Irene, the Founder of Petrolettes

Meet Irene, Founder of PETROLETTES Meet Irene, a passionate biker and founder of PETROLETTES, Europes' first all-female Motorcycle Festivals. Irene loves motorcycles, when she isn't fixing up her own bikes, she's organising epic Motorcycle Events for all the European lady bikers out there. She is definitely a free spirit, and there are only big…

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Review – Indian FTR1200s Race Replica

An Honest Review of Indian FTR1200s Race Replica An Interview with Katharina Knorz (@rina_kno)Meet Katharina a Scientist/Engineer from Germany. As a passionate motorcycle rider, she has travelled on adventures across Europe some alone, and has had the opportunity to try out many bikes. Even though she isn't a shorter rider, she faces similar challenges…

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Meet Elise

Meet Elise Meet Elise from Colorado in the United States. The Veterinary Assistant and dog lover, who made it her goal on New Years' day 2020 to get her Motorcycle License. Even with all the obstacles this year Elise made it happen. Proving that whatever the year throws at you, it shouldn't stop you from…

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Meet Tabitha

Meet Tabitha from Athens, Georgia/U.S.A. The Co-Founder of Chic Riot, a women's motorcycle fashion brand, that isn't just safe but is beautiful too. As a Fashion Designer, Tabitha know's how to make Motorcycle Gear look good. Being a mother of 3 has not stopped Tabitha from going after her dreams, showing all women out…

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Meet Motorcycle Racer Lara

Meet Motorcycle Racer Lara Meet Motorcycle Racer Lara from Derby (@_laramoto_). She is a woman of many skills. Not only is she a Motorcycle Racer, but she is also an Engineer, a Gold medalist Ju Jujitsu Fighter and in the Army. She is an inspiration to so many people out there. She really checks…

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