My Top 3 Junior Helmets

My Top 3 Junior Helmets

When I started biking, I began with adult helmets. I still have my Nishua helmet but i often feel like im riding around with a big alien head

My little but big discovery
Recently, I discovered junior helmets. I’m not sure why it took me so long because junior helmets are amazing. Oh was I glad when I walked into that motorbike shop before summer. I wasn’t looking to buy a helmet but I saw a small shiny beautiful looking helmet from the corner of my eye and I walked over and tried it. It fit me so perfectly, I couldn’t believe it. Before then, I had never tried a helmet on which I loved instantly. To add to the happiness, the price tag was a shocker, it was so much cheaper than what I was expecting.

Do they compare to adult helmets
Once I realized it was a junior helmet, I was a little skeptical, would it compare to an adult helmet? To my delight, I discovered junior helmets have most, if not all of the features adult helmets offer, including the full safety testing.

My current helmet
I bought the Nexo Junior III 2.0 helmet, it was only €62 ($67) and I’ve loved it & worn it all summer, however just recently as Autumn arrived, I came across a problem, my Nexo helmet fogs up, with no pinlock it does get annoying, I’m currently riding with an open visor but as the following winter months arrive I won’t be able to. 

Luckily there is more
That’s why I went back to the motorbike shops to try out more Junior helmets, and to my surprise, I came across the HJC CL-Junior helmet. It has a pinlock and plenty of great features, additionally, it has a small shell size. I haven’t bought it yet, but I will buy it before November appears. I can’t wait.

My Top 3 picks for 2019
During my trials, I picked my 3 favorite junior helmets for smaller head sizes, including the one I currently own, the one I will be owning and a runner up.  I hope the review helps with your search. 

What makes a good helmet
To understand why I chose these helmets, please read my previous post on ‘what you should look for when finding the right helmet’


The winner

HJC CL-Y Junior

Second place

Third place

Nexo MX Kid 2.0

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