Meet Priscilla

Meet Priscilla

Meet Priscilla, a courageous woman from San Francisco who traded her 9-5 office life, for a full-time adventurous life of traveling the world on her motorcycle. A lot of people dream of an adventure like her's but only a few people are brave and motivated enough to make it a reality. She is a great reminder that life should be lived to its fullest and if you have dreams, don't ignore them, do everything you can to make them your reality.

What bike do you ride?
Yamaha Tenere 250

Why did you choose this bike?
I chose this bike for my South America travels because it’s a lightweight adventure bike with fuel injection and a 16-liter fuel tank for those long stretches.

What inspired you to get your license? 
There is a sense of freedom that comes from being able to ride a motorcycle and go anywhere you want.

What were your biggest challenges with biking?
Learning how to ride a tall bike. Adventure bikes are always unbelievable tall. I’ve made so many adjustments to my current bike. Still, I can only touch the ground with one foot.

How tall are you?
1,57 m / 5.2 feet

What advice would you give to people who are shorter, and who would like to ride taller bikes?
I started practicing a little with lighter bikes. Practice shifting your weight and balancing. If you’re balanced, putting only what foot down when you stop shouldn’t be an issue. You also have to think ahead to where you’re stopping, if possible. It’s all about practice.

What do you enjoy about biking?
Unlike riding in a car, you can’t roll up the window and adjust the temperature. You feel the heat, you feel the cold, you feel the rain. You feel and smell everything, whether it be good or bad. For me, that’s what makes me feel alive.

Are you the only biker in your family?

What advice would you give to people who want to start biking?
Learn at your own pace. Don’t worry about where other people are in their progress, or what kind of bikes they are riding or not riding. Do what feels right for you and don’t let anyone ever pressure you into doing something you’re uncomfortable with.



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  1. Susan Hickok

    I love this story! I ride a ninja 650 in Colorado on the street and race ninja 300. I just bought a small adventure bike fir something deferent- a Versys 300. And it’s still tall! But practice practice!!

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