Breanna’s Start on her Moto Journey with a Honda Grom

Breanna's Start on her Moto Journey with a Honda Grom

Interview with Breanna (@brzy.bree) & Video by Justin (@ironjmoto)

Breanna recently started on her Moto Journey with a Honda Grom with the help of her Fiancé Justin. As a new rider, it can be tough getting on the bike the first few times. So if you are a new rider, or thinking of riding then read more about Breanna's Journey and check out the video below. 

How tall are you and what bike do you ride?

I am 5,1 and I currently learning on a 2020 MSX125 also know as a Honda Grom 

What inspired you to start?

I wanted to prove to myself that I could ride. What started as just sitting on the bike to see if I could even hold it up on my own, led to trying to walk it in neutral, and then this obsession with riding happened once I discovered how much fun it was. I always thought I was “too small” or this was “too dangerous” of a hobby based on other people’s opinions so I never deemed it as possible for me. I’m inspired by defying these odds and all the amazing riders in this community.

How are you finding riding?

I’m finding riding motorcycles is a great way to unwind and get out of my head about daily occurrences. I’m focused on only the bike when I’m on it. My mood changes after a ride and I also have such a sense of accomplishment as my skills are building.

How is it being taught by your partner?

It’s been such a fun new way to spend time with each other!  Visually, it’s helpful that I can ride on the back with him while he rides and he can explain things. I can feel, see, and hear how things should be while i’m solo riding. I didn’t grow up with motorcycles in my family so I was starting with zero experience but Justin is  patient and teaches me in a way I understand. 

Do you have a dream bike?

I’m still in search of that “dream bike” I have a whole folder of things I like aesthetically but I’m waiting for that moment of sitting on something that feels comfortable and right for me.

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