Meet Svenja

Meet Svenja

Meet Svenja from Germany, a travel-loving sales rep. She started her love for motorcycles early on. But after becoming a Mum, she took a 13-year break from motorbiking. The long pause didn't stop her getting back on her bike again, even though it was challenging, she faced her fears. She proves that becoming a parent is no reason to give up your passions, all fears can be faced and anyone can start or restart doing something that brings them joy.

What bike do you ride?
Ducati Scrambler.

Why did you choose this bike?
One day I rode past a Ducati store with my old bike and saw the Ducati Scrambler in the store window, it was love at first sight and I went in and bought it and now the rest is history.

What inspired you to get your license? 
I used to have a motorbiking boyfriend and I was a passenger for a while. During this time I was getting my driving license and being a passenger inspired me to just go for the full motorbiking license too.

What were your biggest challenges
During my pregnancy, I stopped riding immediately and tucked my bike into the garage for years. 13 years later I started to ride again. My biggest challenge was facing my fears of falling, accidents and slipping and rebuilding my trust and confidence with motorcycling again.

How tall are you?
1,68 m / 5.5 feet

What do you enjoy about biking?
I love the feeling of wind, the speed and freedom that motorcycling brings. I enjoy riding through curves. My fondest memory of biking was my first „heavy switchback (Hairpin roads)“ pass in Italy in 2019. It was Passo Stelvio and I had never ridden switchbacks ( Hairpin turns) before. This pass had 48 of them and after a few, I felt completely safe and confident.

Are you the only biker in your family?

What advise would you give to people who want to start?
Always dress ATGATT. (All the gear all the time). I advise new riders to never ride without proper safety gear.

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