Annette Eldridge

Meet Annette Eldridge (Netty) Meet Annette, more commonly known as Netty. When she's not modeling or taking beautiful photos, she is playing and teaching the cello. As a Cellist, Annette is currently on course to release her EP later this year. She has been one of my biggest inspirations for Petite Bikers, her Instagram…

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Meet Priscilla

Meet Priscilla Meet Priscilla, a courageous woman from San Francisco who traded her 9-5 office life, for a full-time adventurous life of traveling the world on her motorcycle. A lot of people dream of an adventure like her's but only a few people are brave and motivated enough to make it a reality. She…

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3 Beginner Motorcycles for Shorter Riders

My 3 beginner Motorcycles, For Shorter Riders These are all bikes I have owned and tested for longer than 6 months I am a shorter motorcycle rider, and at 5ft1 (154cm) I can confidently recommend the perfect beginner motorcycles for short riders based on my experiences. When I first started searching for bikes, I found none of the…

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How I lowered my Ducati Scrambler

How I Lowered My Ducati Scrambler​ With a lot of help and knowledge from people around me,  I was able to lower my Ducati Scrambler full throttle by 6cm (2.4 inches), my feet aren’t flat on the floor but they’re comfortably grounded. I am 5 ft 1 (154cm) so when I completed my driving…

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Meet Ansley Jean Robert

Meet Ansley Jean Roberts Meet Ansley, a Marketing assistant at Harley-Davidson (@hdofscottsdale) and GO AZ Motorcycles (@goazmotorcycles). When she's not marketing bikes, she's a horticulturist, kayaker, yogi, climber, archer, baker, singer, songwriter, and guitarist. If her hobbies don't make her stand out her perseverance does. To most people biking is an expensive hobby, and…

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Meet Svenja

I love the feeling of wind and the speed and freedom that motorcycling brings. I enjoy riding through curves. My fondest memory of biking was my first „heavy switchback (Hairpin roads)“ pass in Italy in 2019. It was Passo Stelvio and I had never ridden switchbacks ( Hairpin turns) before. This pass had 48 of them and after a few, I felt completely safe and confident.

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