Meet Svenja

I love the feeling of wind and the speed and freedom that motorcycling brings. I enjoy riding through curves. My fondest memory of biking was my first „heavy switchback (Hairpin roads)“ pass in Italy in 2019. It was Passo Stelvio and I had never ridden switchbacks ( Hairpin turns) before. This pass had 48 of them and after a few, I felt completely safe and confident.

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Meet Nozomi

Meet Nozomi from Japan. An accountant & web designer in the making, who started off riding on the back of her boyfriend's bike. One day she decided that she didn't just want to be a passenger, and took a shot at the wheel. Overcoming her uncertainty of whether she actually could ride, she gave it a try. Now she completely loves being the driver and loves riding her Ducati Supersport. When she’s not boxing to increase her strength, she’ busy showing the world, that smaller women can ride big bikes too.​

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Meet Mary Pang

Meet Mary Pang Her goal to get her motorbiking license started with a conversation about a road trip to Glacier National Park. Even though biking wasn't initially a passion for her, she was determined to do this road trip on her own motorbike. Her first driving lesson was an 8-hour struggle, but she never…

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Meet Lucia Damiata

Not only is she a motorcycle test rider for an Italian TV show (Star Bikers), she is also a civil engineer during her free time. Lucia sat on her first motorbike at just 12. She proves daily, that women can overcome any obstacles and barriers thrown at them and become whatever they want to be.

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Are Motorbikes bad for the Environment?

Are Motorbikes Bad For the Environment? What is global warming? When carbon dioxide, as well as other greenhouse gases, collect in the earth's atmosphere, they absorb the sun's heat & radiation which bounces off the earth's surface. Normally without these build-up of gases, the heat and radiation would bounce off into space. These gases…

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3 last-minute Christmas gift ideas

All I want for Christmas is... According to CensusWide statistics, 46% of Americans lie about liking their Christmas gifts. So the probability you'll be getting what you want for Christmas is low, (if you live in America), but that's why I am here.  To buy the perfect gift, you need to know what people…

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