5 reasons why Autumn (fall) is a great riding season.

5 Reasons Why Autumn/Fall is a Great Riding Season.

If you're thinking of putting your bike away, hold up on that thought. I have 5 reasons which will convince you to keep your bike out just a little longer.

I love Autumn (fall). It is a magical season, and usually the start of bulk candle shopping and long cozy sofa weekends. But don’t stay on the sofas just yet. Autumn is a wonderful season to be motorcycling, and here are 5 reasons why Autumn is a great riding season.

1. The roads are emptier

5 reasons Autumn makes a great riding season

I’m not sure about you, but summer in Germany, definitely gets the motorcycling enthusiast on the road. If its not them it’s the cyclists, camper vans and family vacation travellers. The roads can get congested, especially the most beautiful scenic roads. However, Autumn (fall) is a less busier season, summer vacations are over and the roads are silent again. Who doesn’t love empty roads to motorcycle on?

2. The scenery is breath taking

5 reasons Autumn makes a great riding season

I don’t think I even need to explain this point. If you have never driven through a forest in Autumn, make sure you do so this year. It is stunning. Autumn is so colourful, and this is definitely one of the top reasons why Autumn makes a great riding season.

3. The cool Autumn breeze feels refreshing

5 reasons Autumn makes a great riding season

Let’s face it, motorcycle gear is not ideal for hot days, but it’s perfect for Autumn (fall). That cool breeze against your face while motorbiking feels awesome and refreshing. If you don’t believe me, take your bike out and see for yourself.

4. The hot chocolate/coffee breaks are so much more cozier

5 reasons Autumn makes a great riding season

I love the hot chocolate/coffee stops we make when we go on motorbike rides. Autumn just makes these stops so much cozier. The feeling of holding that hot chocolate after a breezy motorbike ride is just the best. Especially if the hot chocolate/coffee stop is nested somewhere close to nature. 

5. It makes a great 'practice' season, especially for new riders.

5 reasons Autumn makes a great riding season

Even though the conditions can be daunting in Autumn, getting those Autumn(fall) rides will bridge the gap between winter and spring. If you stop riding straight after summer, you will have to wait another 5 months until you’re back on the bike. The less you practice the less confident you’ll be. So use this season to keep riding until it is no longer possible.

Ride Safely

I Hope my ‘5 reasons why Autumn (fall) is a great riding season’ convinced you to keep your bikes out. Also, just a little side note. Autumn is a cooler and rainier month, so when you go on your drives, take it easy and be extra careful with slippery roads, and less visibility. Make sure you’re not too fast and make sure you’re visible. As there are fewer riders out there, car drivers may not be expecting you, so watch out.

Watch out for those leaves.

Fall/Autumn can be beautiful but leaves, especially wet leaves significantly reduce traction and make braking less effective, so be extra careful.

Do you have another reason why Autumn (fall) makes a great riding season? Leave a comment.

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