Meet Prerana Malla (Kaka)

Meet Prerana Malla (Kaka)

Meet Prerana Malla aka Kaka (@kakareikan), from Kathmandu. At 5,1 (155cm). She has never let society define what she can and can’t do. She is one of the first Nepalese women to reach Kora La (a mountain pass between Tibet and Upper Mustang), on her motorcycle (featured on the Kathmandu Post). Now she is inspiring other women to do the same. By riding freely, Kaka is a great example of what women and ‘petite’ bikers are capable of. 

How tall are you?

155 cm. I’ve been 155 cm since I was 13.

What bike do you ride?

I ride a Suzuki DR 200SE

Why did you choose this bike?

I have always loved dirt-bikes. My Suzuki DR was selected by my dad, as its a dual-sport machine – perfect for both purposes, city rides as well as off-road. Being manufactured in Japan was another key reason, as he trusts Japanese products blindly. I love the fact that it is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and the seat height is perfect for short riders. The fuel tank is also a reasonable sized one & the suspension is great. Riding in any type of terrain is comfortable. It is small but it is a versatile and trustworthy machine. I love it!

What inspired you to get your license?

In Nepal, getting a scooter or motorcycle license as soon as you turn 16 is a common. So honestly, there was not much of a thought process there. It was just a natural step after completing year 10.

What is it like for you being a female biker where you’re from?

It’s not common for a female to ride a motorbike in Nepal, but I love the fact that the number has been increasing in recent years. You get the “looks” very often, and I have been mistaken for a male biker several times, just because I was riding a motorbike. If you ride to rural areas, you will also find people just astonished to see a female biker. 

What were your biggest challenges with motorbiking?

My biggest challenge was reaching the ground. I am 5ft1 (155cm), and I can’t rest my feet flat on the ground when I am on the bike. While I was a beginner rider, I was afraid that I may not be able to handle it properly while stopping, parking, or just going slow on an uneven road. I am glad to say after gaining experience, I have overcome that fear now.

Short Riders on Motorcycles

What do you most enjoy about biking in Kathmandu (Nepal)?

In the capital city, the traffic is chaotic. Being on a motorbike has huge advantages due to that. Pedestrians are crossing roads from everywhere, and vehicles are overtaking you from the left and right. It can be a nightmare for riders from western countries, where people follow traffic rules. So you have to be super attentive, and you have a lot more freedom on the road where I live. That’s what I love the most, I guess the freedom and the chaotic challenges that come with it. 

Do you have a favourite biking trail?

Not really, every route I go on with my bike is a super fun ride for me.

What other hobbies do you have?

I enjoy vlogging, reading, writing, a tad bit of singing & playing guitar, and yes, yoga! I don’t know if that counts as a hobby. It’s more of a need for me. 

What advice would you give to people who want to start?

The only advice would be to start now! The sooner, the better. Once you take the first step, everything else will follow. 

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Keep up to date with her latest adventures on Instagram, – (@kakareikan)

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